Gordon Moore

Recent Work

March 16 – April 23, 2022

Gordon Moore, Couple, 2020, Latex, Acrylic, and Pumice on Canvas, 54” x 34”
Gordon Moore. Blinds. 2020. Latex, acrylic and pumice on canvas. 30" x 20" at Anita Rogers Gallery
Gordon Moore, Bleed, 2019, Acrylic, latex and pumice on canvas, 60" x 40" at Anita Rogers Gallery
Gordon Moore, Untitled, 2022, Latex and acrylic on Berger portrait paper, 19 1/2" x 16" at Anita Rogers Gallery

Press Release

Anita Rogers Gallery is thrilled to present an exhibition of recent work by American artist Gordon Moore. The exhibition will be on view March 16 through April 23 at the gallery’s new location at 494 Greenwich Street, Ground Floor, New York, New York. There will be an opening reception with the artist on Wednesday, March 16, 6 – 8pm.

Continuing a dedicated interest and involvement in the aesthetic potential inherent in a pure abstract visual language which obliquely responds to shifting spatial encounters the artist experiences in quotidian life, the larger format paintings in this exhibition define the essential thematic Moore’s work has been concerned with for the past forty years. Drawn from source material both inside and outside the studio, but remaining devoid of current social/political content, this work’s existence has been inspired as much by the artist’s living experience as by the artist’s painting experience. Both are equally important in the generating of this work though the genre it continues to exist in is purely abstract. Although the influence of history remains essential, the aspiration is always to persist in being inventive with respect to the future. The interest is one of both collating and combining the opposites of both repetition and randomness into a coherent structural entity. To that end fragments from the subconscious invariably influence pragmatic reasoning in the resolution of the current works.

For further information and photographs, please contact Elizabeth Thompson at elizabeth.thompson@anitarogersgallery.com, or call 347.604.2346. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday 10am – 6pm.