Tristan Barlow Highlighted in Art Maze Mag

Tristan Barlow's work was recently featured in Art Maze Magazine's Winter Issue 6:

My paintings are visual fictions, a collection point for thoughts, personal philosophies, and abstract notions. They are formed through a physical process that involves an extensive relationship with materials, pigments and textures as well as a cognitive soup of loose ideas that includes everything from the internet to the Ancient Egyptians pulled tightly into a collection of marks that delineate a visual experience and image. Through making a mark on a surface, scraping, scrubbing, destroying, and reconstructing, a painting becomes a fiction that requires a willing suspension of disbelief, a mythic narrative where the protagonist is a mark on a surface or the 2 dimensional picture plane that holds infinite potential for visual spaces. These notions are not so much tangible or “real”, rather, they are mysteries or half-truths, believed in by choice to make and find an image.