Jan Cunningham. Yellow Triptych,. 2018. OIl on linen. 60" x 111"

Jan Cunningham. Yellow Triptych. 2018. Oil on linen. 60" x 111"

When an artist I’m interested in suggests something, I respond to that, sometimes to my benefit. Robert Taplin, whose work and writing I’ve followed for years, with enthusiasm, recently suggested I see a show by Jan Cunningham, a painter whose work I didn’t know. Turns out she makes subtle, inventively colored geometric abstractions that play different kinds of drawing against the memory of a grid. I’m very grateful to Robert for alerting me to her work and I hope to see more in the future. 

- Karen Wilkin

Karen Wilkin is a New York-based critic, curator, and teacher, who writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal, The Hudson Review, and The New Criterion. Find out more by listening to this podcast interview with her here.