James Scott's "Love's Presentation" at the Metrograph

Still from Portrait of David Hockney courtesy of the Metrograph

On Monday, July 1, and Sunday, July 7, the Metrograph will be screening director James Scott's Love's Presentation as part of its program of short films portraying artist David Hockney in his various intersections with the cinema.

"Love’s Presentation finds the artist at work on his series of etchings, illustrating the homoerotic poetry of the Egyptian writer C.P. Cavafy; David Hockney’s Diaries offers a guided tour through three years of Hockey’s photo diaries, revealing both the inner workings of his compositional approach and portents of projects to come; while Portrait of David Hockney invites the viewer into Hockney’s home and studio, so to better understand the peculiar qualities of light that he seeks to distill in his work."

These screenings will play as part of the Metrograph's larger celebration of its new 4K restoration of A Bigger Splash, the 1974 documentary from director Jack Hazan.

For more information and showtimes, visit Metrograph.com