Hans Neleman Featured in What's New What's Next

Having known each other for years, both Hans and Tucker have travelled along parallel paths. Please stop by What's New What's Next this year to see their collaborative works as well as a selection of Hans's solo pieces from his recent collection Assemblages.

Come meet four of America's most recognized interior designers, Jessie Carrier, Mara Miller, Stephen Shadley, and Alan Tanksley, who selecting from Sam Glankoff's original artworks, helped to spearhead The Sam Glankoff SGW Collection Editions -- luminous museum quality archival ink reproductions. Tucker Robbins will also host a reflection of ancient cultures through the reinterpretation of materials in contemporary art and design by artist, Hans Neleman. "It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see."

Hans Neleman’s highly individual assemblages draw inspiration from taboos, morbid beauty and the transfiguration of found objects. Neleman focuses on the harmony of opposites as a fundamental part of his imagery, he juxtaposes the vital and the mortal, the myth and the modern tale. While referring at times to dark motifs, the work is also affectingly intriguing, endowed with erotic symbolism and infused with emotional qualities that we recognize immediately as inherent to the human condition. Deeply interested in semiotics and its related disciplines, and a master assembler and conjuror of images, associations and feelings, Neleman reclaims, scrutinizes, and skillfully melds styles, cultures, eras, and emotive states of being into extraordinary works of art. 

Tucker Robbins Showroom

Thursday, September 14th