Drawing Sound with Morgan O'Hara

On August 12, 2017, Morgan O'Hara will lead a Live Transmission Drawing Workshop at the Rubin Museum from 11am - 1pm. 

What does sound look like? The Rubin’s newest exhibition, The World is Sound, challenges us to listen with our whole body—even our eyes. Artist Christine Sun Kim’s works in the exhibition exemplify this notion, as her pieces visually depict sound from her perspective as a deaf person. Fellow artist Morgan O’Hara has spent her career conducting Live Transmissions—drawings she creates using a pencil in each hand and with her eyes on the movements of people in action, like poets, pianists, and orators. For this summer workshop, join O’Hara in the galleries as she takes her process a step further and guides us in drawing what we hear in The World Is Sound. It might change the way you think about and experience sound.

This program is co-presented with the Drawing Center.