Mahreen Zuberi

Online Exhibition

March 10 – April 24, 2021

Mahreen Zuberi, The Red Remodelled, 2005, Gouache on wasli, 10 1/4" x 6 1/4"

Mahreen Zuberi, The Red Remodelled, 2005, Gouache on wasli, 10 1/4" x 6 1/4"

Mahreen Zuberi, Doing Krishna, 2006, Gouache on wasli, 10" x 13"

Mahreen Zuberi, Doing Krishna, 2006, Gouache on wasli, 10" x 13"

Mahreen Zuberi, Linea Nigra (triptych), 2012, Watercolor on wasli, 13" x 10" each

Mahreen Zuberi, Sub, 2010, Pencil, gouache, and, watercolor on wasli, 17 3/4" x 13"

Mahreen Zuberi, Sub, 2010, Pencil, gouache, and, watercolor on wasli, 17 3/4" x 13"

Press Release

Anita Rogers Gallery is pleased to introduce Mahreen Zuberi to the gallery’s roster of artists with an online solo exhibition featuring works spanning the last two decades. The exhibition features the artist’s intimate gouache works, as well as her Linea Negra Triptych and related handmade artist book. The exhibition will be presented via a digital catalog, as well as with an online viewing room hosted on ArtLand.

The artist’s approach is slow,­ patient, and methodical. She chooses traditional painting techniques and materials, including wasli, a type of handmade paper that has been used by artists since the 10th century.  Her process often includes weeks of preparation, including note-taking, observation, contemplation, and sketching before the painting begins. Once it does, it flows organically, but requires careful, time consuming work as the artist builds layers of color and depth. The resulting work feels at once structured and free, precise yet unrestrained. Through her paintings, the artist explores themes of political turmoil, gender, pregnancy, and power dynamics.

Zuberi (b.1981 Karachi, Pakistan) completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the prestigious National College of Arts, Lahore, specializing in miniature painting. Returning to Karachi she began teaching at the Karachi University, Department of Visual Studies. She has exhibited in local and international art exhibitions and her work is part of prominent art collections across the world. Her work discovers the human condition through a personal narrative. Currently she is coordinator of the Fine Art program at the Karachi University, Department of Visual Studies. This will be her first exhibition with Anita Rogers Gallery.

For further information and photographs, please contact Elizabeth Thompson at, or call 347.604.2346.

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