Ricky Crespo, currently working under the name Anirhythm, is a music producer with an award-winning discography. His pro credits include artists like Whitney Houston, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Taylor Dayne, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Sir Mix-A-Lot. 

 Music was central to his childhood and adolescence, where he observed his father playing vibraphone and piano and his mother singing as she did household chores. Crespo also fostered an early love for computers. He began to DJ at fifteen years old, in an area of the Bronx where some of the biggest legends in hip hop and dance music were just getting started. He joined this musical revolution when he became part of the C&C Music Factory Production team. Prior to his career in the music industry, Crespo worked full time at a law firm, through which he became familiar with copyrights, litigation, and royalties, and where he continues to do freelance work as a music consultant and paralegal.

Crespo is now an independent self-distributed music artist. He learned CG / Animation to make graphics for his music releases, and multimedia art has since become a central component of his work as an artist. His passion for gaming greatly adds to his passion for music and visual art in the digital era, and he hopes to bring more CG / Animation to the EDM, house music, and dance music scenes. 

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