Kazimira Rachfal, born in Poland, has spent most of her life in New York City as a painter. Her small-scale, colorful paintings are rooted in abstract expressionism but fall outside traditional genre conventions. Although comparable to Mondrian and Rothko, her works have a distinctly unique aesthetic. Deeply connected to nature, her geometric forms are weathered, cut short, and curved – they morph into organic forms encompassing layer upon layer. Her works emanate a serene, zen presence. Thoughtfully painted on all sides, her pieces are more than a one-dimensional painting. Her compositions, some approaching landscapes in their depth and texture, are intimate, reflective masterpieces.

The artist states:

I work on many paintings at the same time. My paintings can begin with anything, the memory of a shape, the colours of a shadow, a pattern on the sidewalk, a photo in the NY Times. Each painting is found differently. I use these geometric impressions to open up to the mystical places, to make archetypal space, as if sacred sound. Each painting can then become a specific energetic entity.

Rachfal lives and works in New York City.